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EXPERIENCE 20 years of teaching all ages and abilities

CONVENIENCe In my North Hollywood studio, your home, or Online

customized and versatile lessons catered to each individual student's goals

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"Kristen brings fantastic energy and skilled artistry to her teaching. Her lessons are both fun and challenging, and her understanding of how children learn has been invaluable to my son’s experience." - Allison (mom)


"I love taking drums with Kristen. She is really good teacher and really fun." - Aidan (student, age 6)


"'Teacher Kristen' (as our son calls her) has been teaching Wyatt (age 7) since he was 3.  She is not just an amazing drummer, and not just an amazing teacher. She is something way more special. Her drumming abilities are outstanding.  It is awesome to hear her switch between styles and even between instruments and expose our son to all of these.  The variety of instruments she has introduced our son to have left him with a wider understanding of percussion and appreciation for different types of music from around the world. Kristen is everything we were looking for in a teacher.  She manages to teach technique as well as helping Wyatt develop as the type of musician he wants to be.  She has taught him not just how to read, write, and play music, but to have confidence and passion.  Her patience with even the youngest learners is amazing.  She manages to tailor her lesson to find methods our son responds to. Getting to know Kristen over the past few years has been wonderful.  She manages to have a maturity beyond her years while also being young, fun, and relatable to the kids.  She is patient, kind, compassionate, and a fun person. I am convinced she can make anyone smile. We have been lucky to have the trifecta of teaching in our years with Kristen.  Her skills, knowledge, teaching ability, and personality are all we could have hoped for in a teacher, mentor, and role model for our son." - Kristi (mom)

Kristen is such an excellent teacher! She has an answer for every question I have and can easily offer suggestions that immediately improve my playing. I have so much fun during our lessons and always walk away feeling like I learned a lot. She’s a wonderful, positive and fun teacher that knows her craft inside and out! The lessons cover all aspects of drums/electronics and are catered to the things I want to learn. A +++

- Emily (student, age 31)

My kids who are 12 and 15 love having drum Lessons with Kristen. She is super fun and they both feel like they are learning a great deal.

- Ryan (dad)

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